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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Lions and Tigers and BEARS, OH MY!!!

So we were at the lake this weekend.  We've had conversations like this one many times over the last nine years ---
Me:  I think it's really cool that a bear crossed the frozen lake and climbed up on to Bob and Chris' deck a few years before we moved next door.
Him:  It may be cool but we REALLY don't want a bear on our deck.
Me:  Well, okay, maybe not ON our deck, but I think it would be SO cool to see a bear up close.
Him:  Not TOO close.
Me:  Okay, not TOO close, but close enough so it's not, like on the other side of the lake.

FYI.  It's official.  In the bank parking lot IS.TOO.CLOSE.

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patrysia said...

Wowza! Great photos. I told you on the phone I'd love to see a bear out hiking--on the opposite ridge from me. That one looks healthy and all, so it probably didn't come foraging in town because of resource problems. Close encounters with nature--love it.