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Thursday, July 01, 2010


So one of my sisters and I were totally hooked on the idea of unplugging for a day last year when Stacy Julian suggested it (at least I think it was her!). The idea is that you leave your cell phone home, you don't turn on the laptop or the computer, you totally walk away from the television and the radio. A return, as it were, to the days of yore, before all those electronic devices began sucking the life out of us and stealing 20 of the 24 hours in our day!

I will admit right now that it will be nigh impossible for me to be totally unplugged from the world. P and I have both agreed that despite our voluntary sacrifice of our cell phones that day, there is one exception: we both have to call Mom at home and check up on her, just to be sure she's okay. Mom's celebrating an anniversary of her 39th birthday this August and I just don't like to go a day without talking with her... The one other exception to the unplugged rule is that we are allowed to use our cameras to document the day: perhaps, as P suggested, a photo of a delicious meal I finally had time to prepare, or a photo from a long, leisurely walk that I finally had time to take, or a photo of the stack'o'books I'll now have time to plow through...

My husband, too, will fight me tooth and nail when I ask him to leave the radio off on Sunday. We normally have the radio on while we sit on the dock and sun or watch the boats or while he works feverishly around the house. I will try my best to convince him to not put the radio on on Sunday, that he will cause me to be actually "cheating" during our "unplugged day." Worst case scenario, I can take advantage of the time to go upstairs, where I can't hear the radio, and I can work on some crafting and art projects that are totally backed up 'cause somewhere, somehow, my day doesn't include 24 whole hours anymore. I'm convinced that my days are only 12 hours long otherwise how could I get so little done in one day?

I'm behind by 2 projects in my Year in the Life of an Art Journal class and I'm really missing the whole creating process. Some dedicated time at my desk is just what the doctor ordered! Besides, I'm picking up two books that I reserved at B&N and I'll have some unstructured time to do nothing but read...

So here's the dealio: I will try to remember to stay OFF.THE.COMPUTER on Sunday. If you see me post something on Sunday, REMIND ME THAT IT'S MY UNPLUGGED DAY. Of course, if it's you, P, well then YOU shouldn't be on the computer either!!! That's all I'm sayin'!!!

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Miss Hope said...

Good luck! I, too, depend on the computer to talk to friends on a daily basis. Carla Girl and I chat a little bit each evening on a messenger and talk about our day...kind of our way to unwind. When one isn't around? We're texting on the phone "Where are you, man???" Yeah...much dependancy on technology going on here. Can't wait to hear how it all turns out!