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Friday, October 24, 2008

So, an internet friend'o'mine is dealing with some big issues these days - her son has been diagnosed as having ADHD. I'm just taking a moment here to ask my readers to say a little prayer for her and for her son and their family. They have hit the ground running with doctors' appointments and research and medications, and I just want them to know we're all pulling for you! Our prayers and good thoughts are winging their way to Georgia!!!

Now on to much sillier, less important things...

I've finally started to try to put my scraproom together. DH and I went out and bought two Lowes units 'cause for some unknown reason, he's got it in his head that the one big Ikea unit would not work; it would be too big. Of course, the small units he bought at Lowes are less sturdy and he's already complaining about that, but in a couple years, when these are not holding their own, I'll go get my Ikea unit (or I'll make him build me one like I wanted!). In the meantime, I get to start putting things away so honestly, I'm okay with what we've got... First, a before photo - Nope, no "before" photo - I don't have one handy... So here's the start of my putting all my scrapping stuff away:

I will not be keeping that rolling cart on the left under that window; there is a lot of sun that comes in that window and I don't want it to fade my papers... The wall opposite this unit is the Murphy bed. I have appropriated all the shelving on either side, except for two or three shelves that will have sheets and towels in baskets, once I buy the baskets (we don't have a linen closet on this floor so I'm making do!). Here's a fuzzy picture of that side of the room (clearly not cleaned up, either!):
The left side of the unfinished bed has scrapping albums on the top few shelves and patterned paper beneath that; it's all going to be moved to the opposite set of shelves so the sun doesn't fade them (the same sun I mentioned a paragraph ago!). That empty space above the bed will have extra pillows or blankets; it's so wide without a brace of any kind we're not going to put much weight on that particular shelf... Those 2 computer CPUs will move to the sitting room, on the computer stand I inherited from my former job. It's actually a good place for it since it's out of the way in the corner...
We're not going to the lake this weekend; DSD's tire blew out so DH is going to be spending Saturday repairing it and/or getting a new one. The rim is cracked so she really can't drive on it; she's SOOO annoyed! Anyway, I'll take advantage of a weekend home to get a pedicure, then finish bringing winter clothes down and summer clothes up and packing up my donations for AmVets and I'll take my mom food-shopping... Yea, I know, B-O-R-I-N-G!

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Miss Hope said...

Not boring at all! You're busy and happy and are surrounded by people who love you! Can't beat that with a stick, huh?

I have never seen a murphy bed in person. I think they are so neat looking.

p.s. Thank you for the prayers. I'm finding that my moments where I get overwhelmed are being better handled. Still a long road ahead....but we'll make it.