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Thursday, October 02, 2008

I started the Ali Edwards project 09/29, a few days later, so that I'm in sync with the rest of the world... I'll have to download the pictures another time, but here are some wordy updates about the past few days...
Monday, 09/29
- my usual breakfast: egg/pepperjack cheese on a wheat wrap, with Tabasco sauce, and hot tea
- waiting, waiting, waiting for page loads on my work computer
- lunch
- catching up on blogs and email
- met with my reading partner for volunteer work at school
- played Bejeweled 2 on the computer while waiting to go home
- took some photos of great clouds and light on NYC skyline
- to Carrie's for dessert, to meet Oreo and Dolce, her two new kittens
- called the dr. about a chest x-ray and more cough medicine
Tuesday, 09/30
- switched it up for breakfast: multigrain toast with peanut butter and raisins, and hot tea
- Norwegian cruise ship cruised on by the office, calling out my name!
- catching up on blogs and email
- some difficult customers today: discount issues, delivery issues, etc.
- Board of Ed meeting with Jack - he's so happy I went with him - the contract didn't pass
- roast beef sub from Subway for dinner
Wednesday, 10/01
- sick day
- took mom to urologist - 80% sure it's not cancer - I want 100% - 2nd biopsy to make sure
- went to Imaging Center and had chest x-ray taken
- Atlanta Bread Factory for breakfast with mom
- short visit to AC Moore
- fried some eggplant and squash
- spinach ravioli
- B&N with Jack
Thursday, 10/02
- the usual breakfast, and hot tea
- the Intrepid returns to Pier 86 on the West Side
- VP debate: Biden vs. Palin (a bit worried about this!)
- tuna fish sandwich and french fries for lunch

See? Boring! But a few typical days in the life of Krys...

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