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Friday, October 10, 2008

A Week in the Life of... Me!!!

First of all, they're not in date order, as they will be when I create the mini album. I have a hard time with pictures in this blog - as you'll see when you have to lay your head on the desk to look at the ones that are sideways! (Couldn't figure out how to rotate them once they were here!)

Me at work

Hoboken, en route to the school

J at B&N

The Intrepid, returning to Pier 86/NYC - the view from my office window!

J at our friends' house for cake and coffee

Lake Hopatcong, the view from our deck

Took Mom to the dr's office for a biopsy - all clear!!!

Scrapping at the lake

Our Murphy bed - almost done! Just has to be cleared and the feet/legs have to be installed.

We had a full evacuation drill at work


the view of the new W hotel in Hoboken, from the pier, during the evacuation

a mid-afternoon snack: a clementine or two

paid some bills...

Me at work

Cruise ships go up and down the Hudson all the time, calling my name...

J's school - we went to the Board Meeting and AGAIN, they didn't approve the teachers' contract!

I found Cherry Coke with ZERO calories! And it tastes okay (not quite as good as with the sugar in it, but okay nonetheless!)

Made some fried eggplant and squash (ate the squash for lunch!)

Some magazines I browsed through at B&N

a typical breakfast for me: wheat wrap with eggs and pepperjack cheese, and some Tabasco sauce to dip (and some hot tea, not pictured!)

Carrie's new kitties: Dolce on the left and Oreo on the right!

My desk, in the middle of a typical day

my view from the office, late afternoon - the light was fantastic that day!

tastes disgusting, but works - thank goodness for codeine! (had a bit of a fight with the pharmacist since the dr gave me a refill in under 24 days - the pharmacist didn't want to fill it. I told her I'd come back when the 24 days were up if she'd just tell me when that was. She got mad - thought I was an addict, I guess! - It obviously wasn't my favorite, Donna!)

There were more pictures, but apparently I can only put so many on the page... Blogger erased them, replaced them, whatever!!!

Boring life, doncha agree?!?!


Suzanne said...

KRYS!!! Don't make me come over to Jersey to organize your desk!!! WOMAN!

Carolina Girl said...

Oh the kitties! I love them! And the breakfast, that sounds delicious. I need to try that. I'm trying to think, there was one other thing I wanted to comment on...OH YES! The Cherry Coke Zero...where did you find it? Yummo!

Miss Hope said...

I love the glimpse into your life!

We're not wearing long sleeves here yet. I'm betting people would fall out from heat stroke! I kid you not.