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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Here's just a glimpse of what it looks like in front of our lake house. Two truckloads of lumber was literally dumped in front of our neighbor's house, and DH had to move what was moveable by hand, closer to our home. The electrical lines and cable lines were in the way, so the truck couldn't get any closer. The middle shot shows part of the 250 2x4s that DH moved by hand.

Here are some more pictures, better late than never, I always say!!!

This is our not-new-any-longer-new-used-car. We bought this '98 (?) Subaru Forest this past January and we love it! It gets great mileage, and I am learning to drive a stick shift on this car!

Here's DH tearing out the basement stairs. We have since closed up the opening on the 1st floor, so we now have an idea of the space we gained by relocating the stairs.

Here's the closed in floor and the new French doors-to-be! What used to be our bedroom will now be our dining room (and I can see scrapping events being held here - yay!). We'll be moving DH's mom's chandelier here when we relocate permanently; for now we'll most likely just put the current fan/light fixture back.

And here are my favorite pictures of all: our ducklings! Sadly, there are now only 8 left of these original 11 - this is the part of ducklings at the lake that really bothers me a LOT! We have eagles, snapping turtles, vultures, etc. It's hard to know what happened to the 3 missing ducklings...

And here are the four ducks we feed by hand! The bigger of the 2 white ones has a name: Piggy. He/she has stolen entire chunks of bread out of DH's hand, and tries to take every piece of bread from us; he/she will actually run right over the other ducks' backs to get at a snack!

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