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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Don't have time to post a lengthy construction update today, but here are the highlights:
  • Friday, 07/06/07 - Construction begins. They removed our roof, built the platform to support the new 2nd floor, and began adding floor joists. At some point in the afternoon, I went into the house to go the bathroom. While I was in there, doing what I had to do, DH walked into the house and shouted, "Krys! What happened? Why didn't you call me?" I quickly exited the bathroom only to see my living room ceiling fan hanging by a wire in the middle of the room! We had just put the light fixture on it two days before. We're so lucky it didn't hit the floor! (The light fixture over the kitchen sink was also hanging by a wire.)
  • Saturday, 07/07/07 - We spend the day doing odd jobs around the house. We went to see Live Free and Die Hard with Bruce Willis at night. When we walked into the house, I walked right into the bedroom, with DH behind me. All of a sudden, he shouted, "Krys! What happened here?" [Are you sensing a pattern here?] I turn around and the ceiling in our spare room had fallen. We spend another hour taking pictures of the damage, questioning why it had happened, why the supports weren't sistered/strapped, practicing what DH would say to the framers on Monday.
  • Sunday, 07/08/07 - I go to my cousin's for his daughter's 8th grade graduation party. I take pictures of his shed to show DH, predicting he'll comment that the addition to the house is beautiful. And I also predict he'll flip when I tell him, "That's the shed." I showed him the pix - his response was exactly as I predicted.
  • Monday, 07/09/07 - The framers come early in the morning and DH confronts them about the ceiling. The reason it's not strapped there is because that's where the stairs are going and when they cut out the space for the stairs, those beams will be connected to something. We go out for literally an hour and ten minutes, to order the fireplace, and when we return, WE HAVE EXTERIOR WALLS! By the time they leave, we have all the interior walls framed out, with just some windows and the hearth to go, and a roof all framed out as well.
  • Tuesday, 07/10/07 - My best friend Chris' birthday - Happy Birthday, Chris! - I haven't seen it yet, and won't 'til the end of the week, but we apparently have our decorative peaks all framed out, the roof line on the first floor framed out, and windows delivered. If they have time, they'll begin installing windows.

The roof will go on the end of this week, hopefully. We wait now for the stair guy to measure, the roof to go on, the rest of the windows to go in, the stairs to be ready and installed, and the plumbing and electric to be done. Then we side the house.

Pix to come soon...

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