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Friday, February 07, 2014


This LEARNing post is up late this week; I've been out of the office almost all week.  Monday was a snow day and school was closed so I worked from home.  I did come into the office on Tuesday, but prepped for sales conference, which ran from Wednesday through Friday.  It's Friday afternoon and I'm waiting in the office for J to pick me up...

I didn't LEARN too much, at least not all that much that's measurable, from last week's post, but at sales conference, it was a LEARNing par-tay!

This sales conference was totally and completely sans product.  We LEARNed sales.  We LEARNed sales methodology.  We went through official sales training from outsides sales experts.  We role-played on Thursday.

I must say I expected to h-a-t-e it all, from day 1 to day 3, but it pains me to admit that not only did I have f-u-n, I LEARNed a few things!  I was afraid, along with many others, I'm sure, that it would be a free-for-all on the part of W to basically tell us how little we know about selling, how unprofessional and untrained I/we was/were.

But, in fact, administration admitted we hadn't been trained, admitted this was a serious lack on their part, and promised to continue training with other seminars and webinars, etc., throughout the rest of our career with W.

I LEARNed that I should lead with benefits, not with features. I LEARNed that other successful sales reps had as little training as I have, and yet they took it on themselves more than I did to LEARN to sell, to LEARN their customers, to LEARN the product, to LEARN to do a great job.  I am resolving to do better, do more, LEARN more...  Be more...

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