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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

30 Days of Lists 3

I Am Looking Forward to...

  1. LEARNing how to knit (see previous post - I JUST started!)
  2. LEARNing how to cook
  3. Summer vacation (we're going on a cruise and to Florida!)
  4. Warmer weather - I'm a fan of winter, but this bitter single-digit-or-less cold is really getting to me
  5. Catching up on all my reading - for some reason my books are piling up
  6. Working on Project Life
  7. Setting up a crafting table on the second floor at the lake house, in the sitting room, so my friend and I can "art" together
  8. Seeing my new little nephew this afternoon - he just turned 3 months old!
  9. Retiring
  10. Surprising a special someone sometime soon with something special (no hints!)
  11. Volunteering at the school tomorrow - I love reading to the kids!
  12. Sticking to completing and using my planner this year
  13. Getting a dog when my husband retires
(Unlucky 13??!!)

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