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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

LEARNing 2

So January has started - it's the 7th already, people!  Do you know what that means?  That means we're starting the SECOND week of January already!  It's unbelievable to me, absolutely unbelievable, that we have been in 2014 for a week already!  Wasn't New Year's Eve 2013 JUST the other day???

As I mentioned in a previous post, LEARN is my One Little Word for 2014.

I've decided to try to post at least once a week specifically about my relationship with the word this year.  I won't promise to post once a week, but I WILL try to post once a week...  Life gets in the way, you know?

I don't feel as though I've really applied myself to LEARNing yet.  No classes, no non-fiction, just a lot of entertainment:  romance novels, mysteries, sit-coms, magazines...  (At least I'm not a reality TV buff...)

I'm sort of playing catch up at work, really trying hard to empty my inbox this week, because I have a funny feeling that next week will be busy.  People will be back from vacation, our customer service department will be active in Indianapolis (o.m.g.  They're nowhere near trained enough.) and I won't have my local warehouse to fall back on when things get messed up, weekly meetings will start up again, and I'll be losing a couple of hours at work every other week with my return to volunteering at school.

I want to start actively LEARNING next week.  Paying attention to titles, books, authors.  Opening the sample books and really paying attention to the various subject categories that fall under the AEC umbrella (Architecture/Engineering/Construction), my new specialty.  I want to be actively LEARNing how to use Salesforce.com and include it in my everyday workflow, not as an afterthought when I remember, "Oh, $hit, I forgot to enter anything into it today!"  I want to LEARN to manage my time better, at work and at home.  I want to have time to spend doing things in the house that need doing.  I want to LEARN to put my cell phone down - it interrupts time much better spent with my husband, even if all we're doing is watching bad TV together.

This is going to be a real LEARNing curve for me, and I have to remember not to punish myself or give up when I'm not perfect right out of the gate.  I'm going to open a page in my Notes app on the dreaded cell phone called "What I LEARNed This Week" and I hope each week there's something there other than "I LEARNed how to win at Level 70 in Candy Crush!"  (I've been stuck there for two weeks - if anyone has any clues...)  I hope I LEARN a new word, or a new program, or to be a better person, or how to enjoy the gym rather than hate it with every fiber of my being...  I hope I LEARN to manage my days better so I have more me/us time.

Let's see how this goes, okay?  Any helpful hints will be welcome (and not just about Candy Crush!).

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