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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Love in Cabo - upon arrival

On Thursday April 28 Friday April 29th we left for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to attend the wedding of our nephew.  They decided on a destination wedding.  I've never attended a destination wedding before but let me say here, I would SO do it again!  We stayed at Las Ventanas al Paraíso

We are a Motel 6 sort of traveler.  As long as the sheets are clean, along with the shower, and there are no critters with more than 2 legs sharing my space, I'm okay with the room.  A comfortable bed is negotiable, since we're usually there en route to somewhere else.  This resort, though, is beyond anything I've ever experienced in my life.  You're greeted on the open air reception patio with a shot of margarita, and then you're escorted to your suite.  We paide $575 per night, plus 25% tax.  This is so beyond anything we've ever spent before, and that was the wedding rate!!!  But as God is my witness, I'd spend it again!  The gentleman greeted us by name (we'd never introduced ourselves!) then took us to the room.  Here are some room photos:

Every single employee referred to us by name.  My sister-in-law is convinced we're videotaped upon arrival and when we confirm our identities, the employees then view the video so they know who's who.  How else can you explain that Ernesto at the pool called me Sra. Salvetta when I walked out there to sit in the sun and tan burn for the wedding???  How else can the gardener call me by name?  Not the two cleaning fairies butlers assigned to my suite; they know who's staying where, of course...

The next post will be photos from the pool, then the rehearsal dinner.  Then I'll post wedding photos, and finally pictures from our Sunday departure breakfast.

For the record, more than a few of us were overheard saying we could get used to this kind of treatment:  the white glove service, the coffee service on the patio first thing in the morning, the iced water bottles next to the pool, along with iced spray cans of Evian for when we sweat perspire...  Oh, I also have to tell you that our flight down on Thursday was cancelled due to weather.  THE HOTEL DID NOT CHARGE US FOR THE ROOM.  You're talking about 23 people who didn't make it to the hotel in time for the welcome dinner on the first night.  23 people paying, MINIMUM, $800 dollars per night.  Do the math!  And the welcome dinner?  They didn't charge my nephew for the peopl who didn't attend EVEN THOUGH FOOD WAS PREPARED FOR US AND THE AREA WAS SET UP FOR US.

THAT, my web-friends, is customer service.  I would HIGHLY recommend Las Ventana - click on the link above and take an advance look, if you'd like, but I'll be posting my photos tomorrow (or later tonight if we get home early enough)...

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