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Saturday, May 21, 2011

2 Small Polyps and Mild Diverticulosis

I was so convinced that I'd be clean as a whistle, I was disappointed to find out I had 2 small polyps and some mild diverticulosis.  Nothing a high fiber diet can't eliminate in the future, but...

The important thing is they found them and removed them.  And Dr. M. said I don't have to give up seeds or nuts so I can easily add more fiber to my diet.  I go back in 3 years. 

Advance Notice to Dr. M.:  You have 3 years to figure out another way of cleaning me out 'cause I'm not doing this NuLYTELY solution again.  It's like drinking salt water; after a single sip I'm ready to gag.  THANK GOODNESS the pharmacist said I could mix some lemonade in with the drink.  EWWW.  (I believe I said the same thing yesterday.)

I had to take 4 Dulcolax tablets - I'll take 8 if I don't have to drink that stuff...

My daughter convinced me a small burger or something on the lighter side would be better after going without solid food for 38 hours, so we went to BK and I had a Whopper Jr.  Then after a bottle of water in the afternoon and a hard pretzel, we went to CiCi's for dinner with Mom.  I enjoyed my dinner - lots of different pizzas, lots of flavors - and Roman Holiday Italian Ice from the Lyndhurst Pastry Shop for dessert.  Mmmmmmm...

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Mrs.B said...

Girl, be happy you're not as old as we are. When Dave started doing this it was a three day prep. Sunday night was a "light" meal and no real food until after the procedure on Wed. And what he drank was ten times worse than Golightly.

But I'm glad you did it and are OK. It's a brave person to go through with it. Thumbs up to you.