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Monday, April 26, 2010

A Week in the Life: Updated

So I'm thinking maybe I won't be able to do 3 pages a day... But one page is just fine, right? The idea is to record your everyday.

My everyday, quite honestly, isn't all that interesting. As I browse through posts by some of the other participants, well, I just don't think to take a picture of the really cool brick road near my child's school (no child, no school, no brick road). I don't take self portraits of me running on the treadmill (while I DO have a treadmill, I DON'T run on it!). There are no pictures of me taking care of my stunningly beautiful baby girl (although I did take a picture of my beautiful daughter when she popped by the house to see her new tire rim the other day... and I took a picture of her rim...).

What did I take pictures of? Okay, here you go, an update:
  • the new shoes I ordered from Zappos - FitFlops for those of you who care!
  • as mentioned before, the new rim we bought for M
  • my work PC screen when an IM popped up on it from an ex-colleague
  • the backyard at the lake with more dirt dropped and more plants transplanted
  • the vitamins I bought for my sister's dog
  • the shop I bought a cup of coffee at
  • the parking garage I parked in this morning (REALLY bad photo - no idea if I'll be able to use it)
  • the waiting room at the Imaging Center where I went for my annual mammogram (be sure to get checked!)
  • the front door of the building where I work
  • some wall art around the corner from my job that illustrates Hoboken and its history, painting on the wall around the park at 4th and Hudson
  • the salad I had for lunch yesterday
  • my groceries on the conveyor belt in the Shop Rite
  • the little bagel shop we had breakfast at on Sunday
  • the pills I take every evening: BC, Calcium+D3, and D3
  • a page in the art journal I created for an online class I'm taking
  • the weather monitor showing the temperature in the house and outside at the lake on Sunday
  • dinner cooking in the pan on Saturday night - in honor of my MIL, who died 9 years ago next month - we had one of her classic meals on her b'day Saturday
  • J driving the truck
  • the Burger King where we ate on Saturday afternoon
  • a few really cool photos at the place where we bought some turfstones on Saturday - a huge factory, different exterior stones, big bales of fencing wire
  • the container plants we planted for our new faux front porch - this warrants a photo and a post all its own at some point in the future... remind me if I forget...
  • our street sign and a couple of shots coming down the road to our lakehouse
  • the church we attend at the lake
  • some clothes I tried on in the store on Saturday
  • me reflected in the mirror in the dressing room - fully clothed! No worries!
  • the appetizer I forgot to take a picture of until it was almost all gone
Okay, so these photos were perhaps a bit more of my everyday than last weeks photos from work... One desk, 10 hours sitting in front of the same computer screen - doesn't lend itself well to various photos of my everyday!!!
I think I'm going to take pictures a few more days; tonight is our usual Monday night at my SIL's. I didn't take any photos there last week and it's definitely something I would want a record of it (the only night I eat dessert every week!) and time spent with family. This weekend I'll take a ride up to the lake and get some supplies; I think we might be home working at J's niece's house to get her nursery ready for the baby-to-be!
J will finally find out if it's a boy or a girl! Neither of us wanted to know but my SIL slipped and told me. I've been keeping it quiet until J finds out but will tell you all once he hears! (I don't think I told you already!) I really feel very strongly about not knowing; I have a 100% record of guessing when I guess, but it's usually in the 9th month, just before the baby joins us. I wanted to guess this one, too, and I was leaning toward either a boy or a girl (;-D), but when my SIL spilled the beans, well, I was right! I will admit how much fun it's been going shopping for either a boy or a girl, looking at all those cute boy and girl clothes... I admit to enjoying that, but still, DON'T tell me if you're pregnant whether it's a boy or a girl! I like to guess!
Well, gotta run - it's time to go home!

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