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Thursday, April 08, 2010

I know I owe you...

... photos and stories and more trivia than you'll ever need... After all, why would you bother to come here if you weren't expecting to read something new...

So, what sort of unimportant, trivial crap can I share with you here on my blog? Oh, there's plenty of that stuff! But important, fun stories that will keep you coming back?

Not so much.

Here's something that will matter not at all to you, but it's a big deal to me:

I am leaving on Monday morning to go to Baltimore for a conference. It's a short trip, just one night away from home. Not that big a deal, you say? You're right. But Monday is also my hubby's birthday and I REALLY.DON'T.WANT.TO.BE.AWAY.ON.HIS.BIRTHDAY.

When I told him I had to go, his response was, "That's okay, it's not like I'm a kid or anything."

But he said it in such a manner that I know it DOES matter. We love spending time together. We really enjoy each other's company. I'm sure there are days that he's not that thrilled with hearing another one of my stories for the umpteenth time (my mind is going - sometimes I tell the same story over and over... Are you sure I didn't mention I was going to be away...). I'm sure there are days when I'm in a cranky mood and taking it out on him that he'd actually prefer I was in Baltimore...

But it's his birthday. That really sucks. Darling stepdaughter said she's coming over with him to go to his sister's for cake and he tells her, "That's okay, you don't have to." He doesn't want her to have to drive back to her new apartment late at night - she recently moved about 10 miles away; she's not 2 miles down the road anymore. I know she's planning on just showing up anyway, but he's playing the loner already... Tonight his sister told him to come for dinner on Monday - "Nah." "We'll see."

He's not big on being the center of attention. And Lord knows he doesn't want to put anybody out. So much so he'd rather spend his birthday alone if I'm not here.

NOT AN OPTION, hon, are you listening?!?!?

I'm going to call him while he's at his sister's (I'm determined he's going to go!) so we can sing Happy Birthday together... and of course I'll call him later at night, before we turn go to bed...

I'm only going to be away for one day, but already IT SUCKS!

And on another topic... Does anyone have one of those "skins" for their laptop? Do I need one? I've looked at one or two websites - not too thrilled with the designs. Can anyone recommend a site where I can buy one that looks, well, more like "me" than some of the ones I've seen so far?

It hit 92 degrees here in NJ yesterday. YUK, that's all I have to say. That's just WAY too hot for early April. I'm hoping for a spring, even a short one, but to go from winter to summer? Uh-uh, not acceptable!

Well, it's late - gotta go sleepys now since we're getting up early to leave for the lake tomorrow morning. Toodles!

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