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Thursday, September 04, 2008

I really tend not to write about things political, simply 'cause I have my own opinions, I'm entitled to them and I am happy with them, and I sleep at night with a clear conscience, secure in what I believe in... even when I'm in the minority and surrounded by many who would prefer to try to change my mind...

That said, I LOVED Sarah Palin last night!!! There was no way she could come out there and simply talk politics: the media robbed her of that with all the personal news that was flooding the air waves these past few days. I think she dealt with it all with grace and style. Loved "meeting" her family, LOVED her baby daughter licking her palm and fixing her baby brother's hair, loved her baby daughter waving at the crowd! Thought Palin's references to family struggles were appropriate: we all knew what she was talking about! Am thrilled to have a mom and politician who understands the struggles special needs families are going through on the way to the White House.

I will be honest, though: I'm not so sure about the pregnant daughter marrying the baby's father. Marriage isn't easy, and at such a young age? To have to be 17, pregnant, in the public eye, AND married? I don't know... I know they have no idea what they're in for, and you know it, too. I think I'd be okay with her remaining a young, single mom, and I'd want the dad involved. Of course I'd teach my children abstinence, and marriage before sex, and I'd hope they would listen, but it is 2008 and unfortunately parents have less control over their children than ever before... I believe SP and her husband will be there for their daughter and that will be a huge help for her, but pregnancy, a baby, and a husband and marriage to deal with? At 17? It's not going to be easy! And toss in doing it in front of millions and billions of people, 1/2 f whom want you to fail? Oooh, am I glad I'm not her!!!

SP touched on the economy, on foreign policy, on family values, on terrorism - all in a way that acknowledged she knew she'd be dealing with them, but she didn't even try to pretend to "fix" it all in her speech. And I think that was the right way to go! Make us like you, Sarah, and you're over the hump! Now we want to support you, and we'll listen to you with a more open mind...

PLEASE keep up the momentum!

AND I loved what Sarah said. I liked her support of McCain. I liked her warning that she wasn't going to Washington looking for media approval. I liked her response to the other side's criticism of her experience.

I will be voting for McCain. And I'm not completely happy with his policies, but I haven't been completely happy with anyone since I started voting! No one is perfect, and although I hate the idea that there are people voting for the lesser of evils (in their eyes), I hate even more the idea that people would vote for someone just because he is black, or she is a woman... I am a woman. And I'm NOT qualified to be VP or P, for that matter! I've looked at them all, and I don't like BO (hmmm, nice initials...). I lived in DE and never liked Biden; admittedly I was in college and not all that political at the time... I have zero respect for Hillary: none as a woman, a politician, a wife. Thank God she's not BO's running mate! (He'd have had to sleep with one eye open, that's for sure!)

Anyway, on to work... since I'm lucky enough to have a job, I have to keep it!!!

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Orange Peanut said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, the welcome mat is always out!!! I agree - I am so glad that McCain chose Palin as his running mate. She has so much enthusiasm and confidence! Choosing her definitly puts him back in the race!