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Friday, September 05, 2008

Go on over to Pikes Pickles and try to win yourself a prize - there's only one day left! (All prizes are being picked on Saturday, though, so even though it's the last day, go over there and comment on all 5 days!)

Celebrate your marriage on her blog. Celebrate a special friend. Celebrate your faith. And I can personally vouch for the PakNaks, having won some over on Miss Hope's site (so I'm not participating in this giveaway!). I gave them to my neighbors' kids - they LOVED them!

Pikes Pickes is giving away some awesome prizes - and it's a wonderful blog, too - Enjoy!


Miss Hope said...

Just wanted you to know I dropped by! Been a little out of sorts the past week, you know. Have a good week!

Pikes Pickles said...

Hey - you won a prize. Come by and tell me your email address or just drop me an email with your home address at usspike at san dot rr dot com