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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure...
A GREAT picture of my beautiful mom!
Two great photos of my beautiful baby neighbor! Do you think Jack would mind too much if I left him for this little guy?!? He just LOVES being outside. When he's crying, all his mom has to do is bring him outside and he stops, just like that! Of course, when she brings him out and he sees his Krys, he gets that big smile on his face, and I just melt and say, "Give me my baby!"
A view from our deck two weeks ago, before they started dropping the lake. It's down quite a bit, and there's more to go. This is the year of the "big drop" when they let 5' of water out of the lake to allow residents to do repairs on their docks. Of course, some residents can't make necessary repairs 'cause the "1-darn-dock-repair-company-who-has-the-monopoly-on-the-lake-simply-doesn't-return-phone-calls-'cause-they've-got-work-lined-up-for-years." (Perhaps I'll try again...)
Believe it or not, on a potato roll or between 2 slices of Wonder Bread - one of my favorite all-time sandwiches, followed by cream-cheese-and-jelly-and-onions. (I know, I know, YUK! But until you taste it, don't knock it! I thought I'd throw up until my dad made me taste it - some sweet with a little bit of a tart crunch! Mmmm!)

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Miss Hope said...

I'm on a ...watch out...prepare for it...DIET. Right now? Dirt looks good. Pass the salt.