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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm in a very nostalgic mood. I don't know why. So I decided to post a couple of old pictures here... Don't know if I've posted them here before, but anyway, here goes...
This first one is of my dad and his sister, just before he left for the war (or just after he returned - I don't have the family notes here at work). My aunt was a beauty when she was young! I don't remember her looking this young. My dad, though, always looked like this to me, maybe with a few more laugh lines, but I always thought he was a handsome guy!
This next one is my grandfather's house in Bloomingdale (43 Van Dam Avenue). We spent every Sunday there when we were growing up. We'd walk into the kitchen, kiss my aunt hello, go in the living room and kiss Granddaddy hello, and we'd get a piece of candy from his stash under the newspaper. A stash none of the adults knew about!!! Facing the house from the street, like in this picture, we also owned the lot to the left of the house, on the other side of the garage. There was a giant oak tree, a lily pond, a mini corn field, and a swing set. We'd be out there all afternoon while we were there for the day!!!
The last one is my mom and my two sisters and me, in front of our house in Bloomfield (30 Byrd Avenue). I'm the tallest of the daughters, in that sexy orange blouse! I absolutely LOVED that skirt! (Nice haircut, don't you think?!?) Mom made her gown! She was a great seamstress - she made all those skirts. Our house was white, turquoise, then white again. This is obviously in our initial white phase!

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Miss Hope said...

I love looking through the old pictures like this when I visit my Mama's. Mama was/is a seamstress and she made so many of my clothes. I wish every day she had shown me how to do magic with a needle and thread. Alas, she didn't because she didn't want me to end up in a sewing room working for a living. I understand where she's coming from, but I sure would love to know how to do a decent hem!

Sorry I haven't been commenting as much. The Edge has been keeping me busy. Must've been crazy to have three kids!