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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Update on the sister thing...

Whilst the backside of that big elephant in the relationship is still in view, I'm hoping things are on the mend with my baby sister and me.

Got a text message from her yesterday inviting us to a combination b'day party for my nephew and her boyfriend's son; R's b'day is the same day as J's! I called her immediately to tell her I'd be there, but that I just couldn't speak for my husband. We're having his family to the lake house the next day for a party and he thought he might not be ready enough to take some time off on Saturday. (We've since discussed it and I think he's coming to my sister's party; we got a LOT done this weekend in preparation for the party and we have Thursday, Friday and 1/2 of Saturday to do the rest.)

This does mean, however, that I have to get a gift for T's son; wasn't planning to do that since I didn't think I'd see him... Perhaps Mom and DH and I can get him a gift card together...

While my sister's voice wasn't dripping with warmth and love, she wasn't all cold and distant, just a bit reserved. So I tried to just interact with her as though we're okay, and I think we'll be able to put this behind us. (Although I do wonder how much she told her boyfriend...)

My nephew called me AGAIN about coming to the car show next week, and then AGAIN to ask if my DH would take a look at his car today, something about an oil leak. Unfortunately it was bad news; pretty expensive repairs and my husband can't do them (although he would if he could - it would need the engine to be removed from the car; something about a main gasket...). I guess I should warn my sister that we had this talk, but somehow when I try to share with her, she jumps down my throat and leaps to conclusions, so maybe I'll just leave it and see if J mentions anything to her. If not, everyone's happy!

Anyway, I'm at work so I've got to run! See ya!

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