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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Las Vegas!

We stayed at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. I'm still a fan of LV, even though I won (and then lost!) $500! Jack? Not so much!

He was one cranky hubby - he's not a gambler, he's not a people watcher, and he was B-O-R-E-D out of his mind when he wasn't in his meetings. While I was complaining to his sister, she pointed out that had the weather been warm enough for sunbathing, we could have spent the bulk of the days tanning, then minimal hours in the casinos. That would have been much more palatable for him. And she was right. He could have handled that.

AND the cost of eating out in LV really stressed him out! Me? I was okay with spending more than we usually would on meals - a night out for us is Burger King for $1.00 Whoppers or Costco or Sam's Club for pizza and a hot dog! - 'cause it was vacation. Jack was shocked by the cost of things, though. For example, one bagel and 2 small bitter coffees cost $8.08 in LV, 2 bagels and 2 delicious coffees with free refills cost $4.26 when we went to breakfast this past weekend, here in NJ. And all the stuff we wanted to do had admission fees: $15.00 a head to see Siegfried and Roy's Secret Gardens in the Mirage (he wasn't happy about it but we went), $9.00 each to visit the top of the Eiffel Tower (although we got a hotel guest special: 2 for 1!), $140.00 each to see Love (the Beatles' Cirque d' Soleil show at the Mirage - needless to say we see this show!), $45.00 for dinner (a hamburger, fries and an unsweetened iced tea for me, 6 buffalo wings and a Coke for him, plus tip - and he didn't even eat them all - he wasn't hungry!). It got to the point where I told him I'd try not to eat for the rest of the trip. Then he was upset that I was upset... That shook him out of it!

Some of you may have seen some of these pictures already, but here you go...

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Miss Hope said...

Sounds like you did manage to have a good time.

Now you can post about what REALLY happened in Vegas. We won't tell. Promise.

P.S. LOVE the pic!