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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


There's a website out there where you can keep an ongoing "Life List." Where you can record what you want to do during your life, and cross 'em off when you do them. (There are a LOT of uncrossed-off items on my list - I'm not the most accomplished person, you see...)

One of my items is to try to be more artistic. To maybe take a digital photography course when I retire (or have more time), to paint a little (or try to), to maybe write... I took a baby step when I started a mini-canvas that was supposed to be a Xmas piece, but it turned out to be, well, how 'bout I show you tomorrow? I'll go home and try to either scan it (with the scanner that I can't work for some reason) or I'll take a picture of it and download it tomorrow...

Anyway, check this out at Donna Downey's website: http://donnadowney.typepad.com/
I think I can do this. I have a pencil. I have watercolor paper and watercolor pencils. I have salt. I have paintbrushes. I have all this stuff in preparation for trying to be artistic. Now I just have to try. And I will. And I'll try to show you when I do. If I'm not ashamed.

Moving on...

Today is Super Tuesday. This is not a political blog. I'm one of those people who is, by strict definition, probably a Reagan conservative. I'm registered as a Republican, but in my heart I know that I would vote for the candidate I really believe in.

I don't know who I'm going to vote for tonight. Jack and I passed on dinner out with his daughter and her boyfriend so that we wouldn't miss voting, and so that my mom wouldn't miss voting, and so that I could take her to Shop Rite for food.

Do I believe my vote makes a difference? Yes, I do. At the very least, if my candidate, whoever he/she may be, doesn't win, the numbers will reflect how the public feels. For instance, Clinton was leading head and shoulders above of Obama for a while. Now? Not so much. It's close. McCain is way out in front of Romney, the next one behind him. Several Republican and Democratic candidates have withdrawn or are so far behind that they don't stand a chance. And I know all about the popular vote vs. the electoral vote. But a few of the candidates, there's no way they can pull it off.

Bottom line. I have 10-1/2 hours to do some more digging online to see how "my" candidates stand on issues that are important to me: immigration, the war, terrorism, military/defense spending, to name a few.

Wanna hear something that even I admit sounds very trivial? I cannot vote for Clinton. I would be so embarrassed to have someone who's so shrill and comes across as such a shrew representing me out in the world. I have a vision of her screaming across a summit table with that nasal voice... (shudder)

Sorry if I put any of you off, but as I always say, we don't have to agree, but we do have to respect each other's opinion!

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Rick said...

Want to be more artistic. Try cartooning. It's simple and easy to cover up when you blow it bad.