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Friday, October 05, 2007

Pinkie toe update

My work pal went and got me some Adidas flip flops from Foot Locker. She tried CVS - they're a seasonal item. She went to Foot Locker - they were $19.99. She went to Fabco, a local show store - they were red with sequins and beads.

I chose brown and pink floral flip flops from Foot Locker, despite the price ($20 flip flops!?!?) I was wearing brown that day, and have been wearing brown quite a bit this year...

I went home to pick up mom to go food shopping. By the time I got there, my toes were so swollen that I asked if I should go to the Immedicenter. I felt silly, but I was scared. My toes had NEVER looked like that before!

At first Mom laughed. Then she looked at my toes.

We went to the Immedicenter.

Without going into all the detail about the 1-1/2 hour wait, and all the patients who came in after me but went in before me ("They're here to see the nurse," her voice drops, "for drug tests. You're next to see the doctor!"), apparently current medical protocol frowns on lancing blisters because that could allow germs easier access. After a consultation with "all the doctors here," they decided that since I'd most likely lance it at home anyway, the on call should do it for me.

NOT!!! I would NOT lance it at home! Are you NUTS???

Once that was done, she put these two little Band Aids on my toes. "Are you for real? Not a cast? Not a splint? Not even a pair of crutches? I'm gonna get zip-zero-zilch in the way of sympathy from my husband with two Band Aids!" (Heck, I got no sympathy from the doctor!)

Needless to say, I didn't get casts, splints or crutches. But I did get me some sympathy from DH! When he heard that I went to the Immedicenter, he thought car accident, or blood and gore (well, he wasn't far off there!). When I tossed the covers off my toes - suffice it to say he didn't laugh at me, and he went and got me some iced tea. (I'm sure he laughed all the way to the kitchen, but he didn't laugh in my face!)

Not too much else is happening in my life right now... DH has off on Monday, and I don't, so perhaps on Sunday night, when I'm home alone, I can do some cleaning/straightening that I can't do when he's around...

Our propane tanks are being installed on Monday. We might be air tested on Tuesday. Our gas fireplace is being installed on Wednesday. Our insulation inspection is on Friday. Hopefully we'll be Sheetrocked the first week in November. Then we can actually turn on the heat/ac. Keep your fingers crossed for us, okay?!? Thanks!

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Miss Hope said...

Keeping fingers and toes crossed for the heat and a/c. You know I am a firm believer in that a/c.

At least now you can bring some cute summer open toed shoes back out and enjoy a while longer!