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Friday, October 19, 2007


Not a word generally associated with me.

Not by me, anyway.

Lately, though, I've been feeling the urge to create. To try something artistic. Believe it or not, to paint.

I bought 2 packages of mini-canvases at AC Moore the other day: 3 of them are about 4"x8" and 3 of them are maybe 8"x10" (?). I have some acrylic paints and bought a few disposable foam brushes. I need to just get some regular brushes, look up what I need to know about medium, etc., that will help it all remain on the canvas, and soon I'll be able to start.

I read a blog by Donna Downey regularly (http://donnadowney.typepad.com/). Today she loaded it chock full of product info. I'll read it, absorb it, and get what I have to get. I was going to bring the stuff to the crop tomorrow, but I think I'll put together what I need and do it at the lake next week. That way I can dedicate my time to this new pursuit, instead of trying to squeeze it in with some scrapbooking and even more socializing.

Maybe there's an artist inside, after all...

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Miss Hope said...

Ooooo...does this mean we'll get gallery pictures next???Wonderful!

I get what I call the "Martha Urge" once in a while. I want to be talented and create and make something beautiful and meaningful. My best effort ended up being my girls' initials painted and dotted with hand drawn daisies to hang in their bathroom. I am so proud of that project. So what if it was over a year ago?