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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ow! Ow! Ow!

I'd take a picture and post it here, but I don't want to gross anyone out!

Today was my first day this year as a reading volunteer at W School. My partner (we alternate weeks in the same class) met me there to observe. The school kindly provides a school bus to take us all back to work after the reading hour is up, but we missed the bus (it left early). So we walked. One mile. Not very far, but he was moving, and I was determined to keep up, despite the fact that I was wearing heels and trouser socks for the first time since, well, May! (I'm a flip flop/sandal kind of girl in the summer!)

I was thinking, when we reached 7th street (en route to 1st from 11th) that my pinkie toes hurt a bit, but I assumed it was because I was probably building up those pinkie calluses that I always have in the winter when I wear closed-in shoes.

I was wrong.

I got to work, almost crippled. Not that anything other than a smile was plastered on this face! No grimace of pain, no tears, no clenched teeth.

While talking to E, my cubicle neighbor, I commented that my toes really hurt and took my socks off to see the callus. (BTW, that word just looks wrong! I changed it to callous, and that didn't look right either!)

I don't have calluses on my pinkie toes. I HAVE BLOOD BLISTERS! BIG, HONKIN' BLOOD BLISTERS! And my toes are HOT! They feel tingly. E just went to CVS to get me flip flops to wear for the rest of the day. (An attractive look, I'm sure, with my tall jeans that need heels - I'll roll them up and look like a farmer today!)

So for now, I'm trapped at my desk, shoeless, sockless, waiting for my flip flops. (And I really don't need to share this, but I will - NOW's the time I really have to go to the bathroom! And I can't 'cause I'm not walking through the entire 4th floor in bare feet!! To say nothing of I'm NOT going into that public restroom in bare feet!!!)

Guess I won't be wearing closed-in shoes for a while... And to close...

Ow! Ow! Ow!

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Miss Hope said...

Oh No!!! I hate when I try to buck up and suffer a pair of hurting shoes and then end up having to take a week to recover from it. Oh, the price we women pay so we can wear cute shoes.