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Monday, October 01, 2007

LOTS 'O NEWS!!! This was one heck of a weekend, I must say! Here you go:

Friday, Sept. 28

I left work early, at 11:20am, to catch the 11:47 train, only to arrive at the train station to find that I looked at an old schedule and the train was boarding and departing at 11:38 and they wouldn't let me on it! So I sat with the pigeons in the waiting room until the 12:38 train left.

I went and got my toes done - I must say I DO love a pedicure! Then I went to the salon for a hair cut and blow-out (no, Mary Ann, I did NOT ask for a blowj-b, as you did when we went on a hair date together!!!). It looked really nice for the wedding that night! Whilst I was being cut, the stylist said something along the lines of "where's the wedding?" When I told her, she froze in place and then slowly asked whose wedding I was attending. Knowing full well she couldn't possibly know Lesley, I explained that it was our best man's daughter's wedding. "Where is it being held?" "At the Tides Estate." "Are you going to Elaine's daughter's wedding? Elaine was just in here, getting her hair done!!!" WARNING: IT'S A SMALL WORLD. WATCH WHAT YOU SAY AND WHO YOU SAY IT TO 'CAUSE IT WILL ALL COME BACK TO BITE YOU IN THE BUTT!!!

I decided to wear silky black pants and a sparkly black and silver top, with black bugle beads, rather than a gown, and BOY, HOWDY! Am I glad I did! No one but the mother of the bride and the bride herself had on a gown! Everyone was wearing either a cocktail dress or a work dress. Lesley looked beautiful and they're going to Netherlands and Paris for their honeymoon! How exciting for them!

Here's Elaine, mother of the bride.

Here's the groom, rushing to the altar!

Here's the bride with her dad, our best man.

Saturday, September 29

We moved DSD to her new apt. We loaded up my truck, loaded up her dad's truck, and then she went to get "one last thing" and said she would meet us at the new place. Dad left. I left. All of a sudden, half a block away, a truck that was coming toward me beeped and the drive waved and shouted, "Stop!" So I did. I looked in my rear view mirror, instinctively, but couldn't see for the sofa cushions that were piled to the roof. I looked in my right side-view mirror and saw nothing. I looked in my left side-view mirror and saw nothing. I leaned out of the window a bit and out of the corner of my eye, I see DSD running full out until she collapsed on the rear of the truck! She opened the door, shouting, "You.Have.My.Keys." With a full gasp-for-life-giving-air between every word. "Why didn't you call me on the cell?" I asked, rather reasonably. "You.Have.My.Cell.Phone.Too." (Again with the gasps.) Apparently she left them in the back of the truck and I took off for the new apt. It couldn't have been that big a deal; she didn't jump on it when I offered to drive her home... She's in, and all unpacked. Not a box or bag left to unpack. Just stuff to move around until she finds "just the right spot for it." Here are some pictures of the new apt.

Sunday, September 30

We went to an engagement party for my niece T and her fiance K. Had a great time! Here are a few photos from that happy occasion!

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Miss Hope said...

What a cute apartment! Reminds me fondly of the days when I, too, was out on my own with my bestest friend. Life was good and we had no idea.

I love pictures! It's like a peek into the lives of others..with their permission, of course.

And Miss Krys? I'm on a new eating plan (the other word is of the four letter variety and I refuse to say it!) so the picture of the cake really made me want something sweet, carby, and totally not good for me or this stupid eating plan!

P.S. Do you ever get to sit down and rest? I'm just wondering....