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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sucker... Yes, that's what I am. (It would sound better if I could set it to music...)

Had meeting with an insurance salesman on Tuesday night. DH doesn't have to pay any premiums anymore, so what do we do? Instead of saying thank you to the nice man and giving him the bum's rush to the door, we sign me up for a whole life insurance package that we have to pay into for the next 11 years. Could we use the estimated $1200 elsewhere?

You bet your a-s, we could!

But no, we sign me up. Okay, call me a sucker...

Yesterday was my friend's b'day. She turned 29. I turned 29, too.

17 years ago.

In 1989.


Today is the WASCP lunch at Houlihan's. I'm leaving somewhere between 1:30 and 2:00; think I should get some work done? Me either. Think I'll blog some more...

I have a cold. An annoying cold. A cold that makes me hear things as if they're under water or behind a foot-and-a-half of thick glass. And today I have a little cough. Now, I don't know if it's the cold coughing, or the Promethazine w/ DM that I took this morning, working. Either way, I have a cold. And I'm miserable. And I have to clean and cook tomorrow, and attend a bridal shower on Saturday. And entertain on Sunday. Yuk. I can do it. I am woman. Hear me roar (cough).

I am also congested at the same time. One half of my nose is breathe-through-able (I like to make up words. But you all know what I meant, right?!?!). The other half feels as if it's been filled with concrete. I blow and blow and nothing comes out. (Oops - I should have made the title of this entry "Warning: Bodily functions will be discussed below. Proceed at your own risk.") It makes me tired and cranky (not enough oxygen to my brain, I'm sure).

Maria called yesterday and asked if my company would like to donate some books to Bingo Night at her school, for door prizes, I presume. So I ordered a sports assortment, a puzzle assortment, a kids' assortment, and a cookbook assortment. Perhaps I'll tie them up with some pretty ribbon or something... We have a thing that helps you tie bows. Maybe I'll use it and make nice bows, instead of pathetic bows.

[I really do tend to jump from topic to topic - I'll have to work on that...]

We were in a little car accident two days ago, on the way home. There I was, riding shotgun, reading the local newsrag to DH when - BOOM! We were rear-ended. Good thing DH was not moving, and had his foot firmly on the brake. And it's also a good thing we were far enough away from the car in front of us that we weren't pushed into it. We put the four-ways on, got out of the Subaru (well, DH did - I thought getting out on the passenger side in the middle of Route 3, near the Meadowlands, might not be the smartest thing to do...), and proceeded to talk to the other drive. She thought it prudent to tell us we had no damage to our car and we should just go our merry ways.

Yeah, right.

We pulled off onto the shoulder and exchanged names/addresses/telephone numbers. DH didn't want her insurance information. (Duh - even if I didn't want to use it, I would have taken it) Then Bad Driver decided she wanted to take a picture of the non-damage on the back end of my Forester with her cute little pink phone.

Great idea! So I went into the car, intending to take out my not-as-cute little navy blue phone, when I remembered: I have my digital camera with me! So I take it, and begin shooting close-ups, wide-angles, auto photos... of her car, my car, her, her with her car, the scenery (for placement on Route 3, should a court hearing ever come to pass...).

Then, I commented to her, "Good thing your child wasn't in the car." She had a child's carseat in the back set of her mondo-SUV (some Ford derivative, I believe). She looked at it, looked at me, and said, "Yea."

That's the end of that. Glad she's not my mother!

Except that there were no sore muscles, no whiplash, no bleeding into the brain - we're all just fine. Thank goodness.

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