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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

If my head weren't attached...

Tomorrow is my friend Eva's b'day - have I purchased a gift for her yet? No.
Have I known her b'day was fast approaching for, well, a year? Yes.
Will I have time to buy her a present tonight? I sure damn hope so!

We're taking her out to lunch today, me, her boss, and her cubicle neighbor. Should be fun.

The K0fC guy is coming tonight to tell us we've overpaid on one insurance policy and to probably try to sell us another. Hope we can stand strong...

I also have to go bridal-shower-gift-shopping this week. I'm just too darn busy - take a look at my next few days...
04/03/07 - lunch w/ Eva, KofC meeting, SR for more ice cream for WASCP party
04/04/07 - WASCP party
04/05/07 - retirement mtg at work, WASCP instructor lunch at Houlihan's, dentist appt (cancelled and rescheduled)
04/06/07 - prepare all food for Easter dinner, clean house for company for Easter dinner
04/07/07 - drop food to be blessed at kids' house, en route to bridal shower, pick up blessed food from kids' house en route home (it's anybody's guess if I remember to do this!)
04/08/08 - Easter dinner
04/11/07 - variance meeting for addition to lakehouse
04/12/07 - J's b'day - no gifts yet, so somewhere prior to today I have to get him something
04/14/07 - Memories expo (no I didn't miss the 13th - I really have nothing planned for that day - YAY!)


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