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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I have a goal - I must learn how to insert pictures into my blog. Oops, I think I've figured it out... I just saw an icon labeled "Add Image." Ya think?!??

I volunteer (through my employer) at a local elementary school once every other week. I am teamed up with another woman from "employer" and we take turns reading to the 1st grade class assigned to us. I LOVE doing this! I was very nervous about taking it on, but I'd love to continue to do this every year that I'm working here at "employer" and I think I really want to stay with the younger kids. I thought about the "special" classes but I really think (selfishly, I admit) that I thrive on the interest and the feedback I get from these kids who, for the most part, are paying attention to me! I'm not sure the "special kids" would be as involved in the story and that's what I love about this class...

Well, today, for the first time, I FORGOT TO GO. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!! I realized it at 9:37am, and I was due in at 9:00am. I called. I emailed. I beat myself with a wet noodle. And Ms. G. emailed me back and said she'd be happy to have me come in any other day this week that I'd like to, that the kids really enjoy it and it's okay that I forgot.

NO, IT'S NOT. I promised them. I made a commitment. And I forgot. I hate myself when I do dumb things like this.

I know from whence it came, to butcher that phrase... I was mad at DH today and since I was being incommunicative this morning, we didn't have our usual discussion about "what's on your plate for today?" Which would have sparked a memory. And I wouldn't have forgotten. So it's not really my fault at all, it's his. I feel better.

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