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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

30 Days of Lists 12

DIYs I Want to Try

  1. Painted wooden stools - Done!
  2. Colored backdrop on bookshelves - Done!  Obviously I need to take some photos and update these links!
  3. Wall-papered or stenciled backdrop on bookshelves
  4. Blue ceiling
  5. Built in window-seats - They're not built-in but they fit in as if they are!
  6. Make curtains out of sheets - Done!  I'm using them to cover the open bookshelves.
  7. Make a terrarium
  8. Make a container succulent garden
  9. Sew a quilt
  10. Knit or crochet a blanket - practicing!
  11. Doodle an entire wall (like Alisa Burke's), or even part of one (see her movable walls here)
  12. Paint my own napkins like Katie Bower did here
That's only 12 of them, but I know there are more - I have an entire binder full of torn out magazine pages of projects I want to try, but it's sort of unrealistic to add "butler's pantry" to my DIY list since there's no room for one in my current home...  maybe when I move to my compound...

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