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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Blog Post - YAY!

So I know I haven't been blogging all that regularly lately and as a voracious blog READER, I know how that sucks.  Although I ALSO know you're not all sitting at the edge of your seats waiting for pearls of wisdom to fall from my lips on a regular basis; you probably didn't even miss me!

There's another blogger I read who's been a bit incommunicado recently, and she's decided to blog every day of October, using a list of blog subjects she got from someone else.  I've been keeping track of her subject and figure I'll use them to spark a little somethin' somethin' when the muse is on vacation...  AND I thought I'd start today...

I'm not posting in the same order as she did, and I'm not even going to IMPLY that I'll post every day for a month; I know me better than that!  But at least when I have a few minutes, I'll have a list of stuff to write about.  We already know my life is not really all that blogworthy...  LOL...

My List of Short Term Goals for This Month (and yes, I'm aware that the month is more than half over!!!

1.  Start Christmas shopping
2.  Start planning a redesign of our lake house bedroom
     a.  Decide on a face for the fireplace
     b.  Shop for a new mattress (the old will go into the spare room Murphy Bed)
     c.  Clean out dressers and nightstands
     d.  Bring standing lamp up to lake house will be done this weekend!
     e.  Reorganize walk-in closet
     f.  Donate and/or discard old clothes
     g.  Start shopping for nightstand lamps
     h.  Decide on photos, wall art
3.  Start planning a redesign of my lake house scrapping room/spare room
     a.  Purge, donate, discard
     b.  Adhere poster on posterboard and hang on wall
     c.  Clean out the closet
     d.  Winter jackets go downstairs to cedar closet will be done this weekend
     e.  Clean desk will be done this weekend!
     f.  Start shopping for folding table for sitting room so we can scrap up there
4.  Organizing and reorganizing my kitchen
     a.  Clean out cabinets
     b.  Clean out refrigerator
     c.  Discard old condiments, canned goods
     d.  Get rid of tools, mugs, anything we don't use or have too many of
5.  Take my sister and mother out for my sister's birthday
6.  Scrapping Day 10/15/11 done!
7.  Finish swapping out spring/summer clothes for fall/winter clothes 1/2 done!
8.  Change bedsheets to fall/winter flannels done!

Think I'm too ambitious?!?!?

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Mrs.B said...

You WERE missed. I always worry that something has happened to you or Jack.