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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The value of a bookstore

Admittedly, even I am a fan of "search-find-click-done" - it's that immediate gratification thing we're all guilty of enjoying, but...

"Indie bricks and mortar bookstores may not always be able to satisfy that desire for 'search-find-click-done' instantaneity, but they do have an edge in browseability. And I would give a physical bookstore the edge in what I might describe in parallel terms as 'wander-browse-sample-done.... If all your book-buying is done online, you might find that your local physical bookstore is no longer there when you have one of those 'I wonder what life will put in my path' sort of days. And that would be a shame."

--John Mesjak, founder and editor of my3books.com and an independent sales representative, in the Huffington Post.

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