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Sunday, September 26, 2010

My 8th Eggplant

So I spent two weekends peeling, slicing, flouring, egging, breading, frying, tasting, and freezing 8 eggplants we grew in our garden. I must say I've never had such great eggplant - so few seeds, so much flavor.

And I've discovered, too, that after it's fried, I can freeze it, then thaw it in the microwave, than bake it in the oven with gravy and mozzarella, and it will taste fresh and delicious, just like's it's fresh from the frying pan!

I was so worried that it might get too watery or the breading wouldn't taste right...

Of course, I don't want it frozen for a long time so we'll be eating eggplant, oh, probably at least once a week or so until it's gone. It's a lot of work to risk freezing ruining it all.

I'm donating a batch to my sister when she's sans kitchen, during the cabinet remodel... She can use the microwave and the oven so she'll have a nice fresh dinner for herself and hers...
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