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Friday, January 29, 2010


You know, I'm looking for a laptop now, muddling through recommendations from people I know and complete strangers... If I had one, and if I had a wireless router set up in my home, I could have uploaded a picture of my bedroom for your entertainment (put those dirty minds away!).

We stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home yesterday and I decided that I needed to - da, da, da, dum! - ORGANIZE.

So I bought a shoe bag for the back of one door and two Sterilite plastic drawers for the bottom of my closet. I'm most definitely NOT a shoe girl, but somehow I've accumulated, oh, I don't know, 50 pairs of shoes??? Some are winter, some are summer, some are dress-up, and they were all either (1) on the door-mounted shoe rack, (2) in cardboard shoe boxes or plastic shoe boxes piled up on the bottom of my closet, (3) tossed willy-nilly around the bottom of my closet so that I have to crawl inside to find a matching pair, or (4) the three pairs I wear on a regular basis are out in the middle of the room, in front of the dresser, right where I stumble on them whenever I walk around the bed to get to my side.

We're in Wal-Mart and we're shopping separately (we both have cell-phones now so he's allowed off on his own - I'll always be able to find him now!) and I have a basket full of plastic drawers, shoe bags, racks, saline and shoe inserts for my owey heel. I run into my dear husband in the housewears department and he says, "What do you have there?" just as I say, "I've decided to organize my shoes."

His response? "You have too much stuff in your closet - it's a waste."

So I got annoyed and then when he said to get a shoe bag and put it on his closet door I said I'm going to oganize my closet but that doesn't mean take over yours 'cause you always throw in that I have one drawer in your dresser so I'm not using your closet... (Did you notice that awful person/tense switch?!?!)

Then while I was stomping around the store for the remainder of my shopping trip, I realized something: we each have two closets, one in our room, and he has one in daughter's room and I have one in son's room, but he ALSO has daughter's giant IKEA freestanding closet. And we each have one dresser/bureau. So he actually has MORE closet space than I do! And he has the nerve to complain that mine is too packed??????????


Oh, dear Lord! The room was a MESS to the nth degree!!! But I got them all back inside, summer shoes in the two plastic drawers, boots standing on the right side, and only 4 plastic shoe boxes stored on top of the two drawers with special dressy, strappy shoes that I wear once or twice a year in their own boxes.

And I moved a couple of clothes around and made it a bit less crowded, decided to donate a few things that gave me even more room, AND got it all done literally 1 minute before he decided to come upstairs and be done for the night! I had JUST sat down on the bed and sighed out loud, when he came up the stairs!

I'll have to take a picture of my shoe storage and post it here some day, just for giggles! And 'cause I'm darn proud of it!

Oh, and I hung the shoe bag on the back of the bathroom door so I can store the stuff that accumulates on top of the sink in it and only have my toothbrush holder on the sink so it looks all clean and neat in there instead of how it usually looks...

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Krysss said...

Did you ever get your laptop, and if so which one did you finally choose, and why?

Oo er.. that sounds a little uhm.. demanding, but it's what (at least ONE of) your readers would like to know.

Thanks :)