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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Horrors in Haiti

I don't know what to do.

I've donated money. I've brought foodstuffs in to church where they're collecting canned goods to send to those poor people.

It's not enough.

It's days like this that I sometimes wish I was a go-getter, someone who would really get off her butt and do something.

My heart bleeds for these people. I cry as I watch the news reports. I thank the Lord that none of my family is there, but at the same time I feel for those total strangers as if they were family.

When they find a survivor, a young child, or an older woman, I cheer, buoyed beyond belief that another person beat the odds. Could I live seven, eight days without food and water? I truly don't think so, so used am I to opening the cabinet and grabbing a diet Dr. Pepper and a breakfast bar whenever I feel like it (forget about "when I'm hungry").

We are truly spoiled, here in this great USofA.

I, for one, will try my best to appreciate what I have, do with a little less, and give a lot more.

THAT is one thing I can do in honor of those in Haiti.


patrysia said...

Yes it is. It is enough. You have done something. And more importantly, have allowed yourself to be moved by compassion and empathy. You have seen the face of the poor and downtrodden and not turned away. If more people did that, this would be a much better world.

Miss Hope said...

Most of the time we get immune to seeing images on the television. Not so much this time. It is simply heartbreaking to see the footage on t.v. now. I have a friend stationed at Gitmo and she is just torn to pieces over all that she has seen in relief efforts and broken and battered people. It's just a sad situation.