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Monday, January 05, 2009

Right now...

I was catching up on some blogs I read and I happened across this on Lisa Bearnson's blog. She got a holiday letter from a friend of hers that included a bunch of right nows...

Right Now:
Out of my window: the Manhattan skyline - I'm at work, admittedly goofing off a little.
I am wearing: black jeans, a white tank, and a gray sweater that Jack bought me for Christmas.
I am hearing: my colleage E talking to someone on the phone.
I am thinking: about all the things I have to do this week - play catch up here at work, go to the movies, go to a scrapping bingo night, go to Michael's with my neighbor to plan a scrapping project as a gift for her dad, clean my kitchen so it does justice to the rest of the house (which is still clean from the holidays!), and clean the two guest rooms which are where I threw everything to make the rest of the house look neat!
I am thankful for: my family and friends, my mom's good health, my husband and my children, that I have a job in this troubled economy, my faith
I am creating: perhaps this should read "I am planning to create" some scrapbook pages from Christmas and Hanukkah and Gedalia's 1st birthday party, some handmade cards for my Soulology pals (sort of promised to do that for the holidays but...)
I am going: to Bloomingdale's for my make-up, then to my sister-in-law's for our traditional Monday dessert night, and to the movies tomorrow, to Michael's on Wednesday, to bingo on Thursday, and to the lake on Friday
I am hoping: I can keep to my unpublished and not-too-difficult-guess New Year's resolutions.
I am reading: Running Hot, by Jayne Ann Krentz
Around the house: it must be sort of quiet, I'm not there! The only sound you should be hearing there right now is the sound of the steam radiators as the thermostat prompts them to start heating the house in preparation for our return home.
One of my favorite things: Reading. Books. Words. (Wait, that's three!)
A few plans for the rest of the week: See "I am thinking" and "I am going" above...

If you feel up to it, take this challenge and do a "Right Now" entry. Imagine comparing it to "Right now" next year at this time...

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