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Monday, January 28, 2008

Sick. Better.

I choose better.

I have 8 sick days at my job. I just used some of them. And please note that I usually only use them when I'm not sick. Who wants to waste perfectly good sick days home sick?

Let me catch you up... Two weekends ago I spent 2 days on the sofa. A bit of a cough, but not really sick.

Until I woke up on Monday, 01/14.

I did not go to work. I was sick. Sick beyond belief sick. I had what I thought was a low grade fever (those of you who know me know that when I have a low grade fever, the skin on my shoulders feels all sensitive and tingly. It wasn't, but I was hot, so "low grade fever" was my self-diagnosis.). I had a cough. I had hot eyes (another fever symptom). I had chapped lips. I slept during daylight hours. (Yet another symptom that I was really sick, and not just pulling the world's leg! I NEVER sleep during the day UNLESS I'm sick. REALLY sick.)

Dr. C. couldn't see me 'til 6:45pm. For the first time ever, they called me into the examination room before I could finish my HIPPA update. No 45-minute wait in the waiting room. Then I sat in the examination room for a 1/2 hour. Well, actually I laid on the exam table for 20 minutes and actually sat on the table for 10. Then the doctor came in and I had (drumroll, please!) a temperature of 101.4. Degrees. Fahrenheit. That's NOT low grade, my internet friends!

I was prescribed some of my lovely cough medicine with a decongestant. And Dr. C. thought I needed a 5-day Levpak. Antibiotics. When I tell you that one pill made me feel better, I'm NOT joking. Them pills are terrific! Even if I didn't have great insurance, I would have paid good dollars for them!

I spent three days in bed, in my pjs.

The best part of the three sick days (if there is such a thing!) is that I only took 2 of them off my available 8 at work. I spent four hours each day on the telephone, listening in on our sales meetings. I felt SOOO bad being home so sick that I couldn't attend. They'd been on the schedule for six months. So I called in, listened, coughed (I put the telephone under the sheets and the three blankets, under my a$$, whenever I had a coughing spell!), and tried to participate as best I could. So I only put 2 sick days on my timesheet.

Finally I was better. I still have a residual cough; Dr. C. warned me I would. But at least I didn't have the tummy upset and the over-dehydration that some poor souls had along with the cold and flu. (See http://www.dooce.com/ - poor Heather!!!)

In three weeks DH and I are celebrating my recovery by going to Las Vegas! Actually, I will be celebrating feeling human again; he'll be attending some credit union seminars. We're staying in the Paris hotel, quite possibly the closest I'll get to the real thing, since DH doesn't want to visit France... I can't wait! I have to read nothing between now and then, to save up some books to read when I'm not losing my panties in the casino!

I'm also going to San Diego at the end of March. On business but visiting someon I know, too. She's going to join me in SD, then we'll drive back to her house so I can play with her fluffy puppies for a few days. Then I'll leave for home from that state.

I'll be taking an overnight (or two) to Chicago in June, also on business.

Would love to travel somewhere interesting on business over the summer when DH can go with me and we can extend the stay for a long weekend away since that will be our only "vacation" 'til we save some money up again, to replace what we're spending on the house...

Later this week I'll have pictures of the new bathroom vanity I picked out, although the pictures don't have the drawers in...

I'll be back...

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Miss Hope said...

Sure, you were sick. Uh huh.

You know I'm teasing. Glad to hear you are recovering. I had "the cough" recently and the cough medicine I had made me drunk! Gave the hubby a few chuckles.

Ya know...if you need a good place to take a long weekend....there's some mighty fine places right here with me!!!