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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy January 3rd!!!

It's been a while, hasn't it!?! I was on vacation from December 21st through January 1st, returning to work and to my computer yesterday. Today's the very first minute I had to blog mywishes for a happy, happy new year to you all!

Santa was good to me, and he's not even done yet! I got some real nice pajamas, some scrapping stuff, a cell phone case, a hand-knitted head-warmer thingee, a new cell phone, a charm bracelet from Tiffany's, lots of gift cards for scrapping things and dinners out, and Jack is taking me shopping for a new winter coat whenever we get around to it. (Which means I'll probably look for one this weekend, buy it, and have him reimburse me - he's SOOO busy tiling our new bathroom...)

We spent Christmas Eve at my sister's, Christmas afternoon at my sister-in-law's, Christmas evening at our house with Mom and DSD, the rest of the week at the lake house, New Year's Eve at my sister-in-law's, and New Year's Day shopping.

And now we're back at work. I'm trying to be more organized, at work and at home. We'll see how successful I am...

My niece and nephew are in Florida to see their grandfather. In itself, this is a great thing. I think they all need some time away from their mom; hopefully when they return, all three will realize how lucky they are to have each other. I just have a real problem with them traveling while school is in session, especially since they just spent almost two weeks home annoying the living be-jesus out of each other! But none of them seem to mind the kids missing school. We're lucky they're so bright, although recently J seems to not be using his God-given brains all that much...

I've started to pack up my scrapping stuff to relocate it to the lake. I think the best way to do it will be to leave the paper home, but the "stuff" can be boxed up in Rubbermaid bins and stored in the walk-in, until the floors are installed in the spare room. Once they're in, I can buy that IKEA unit I want, along with the baskets that fit in it (hopefully) and begin sorting my stuff by color. After a lot of thinking, I think I fall into the category of visual scrapper. I decide which photo(s) I will be scrapping, then I look for matching or contrasting paper and embellishments, and I'm off! With the exception of Christmas and themes like "love" and "home," all three of which I have beaucoup amounts of stuff for, color should be the sorting factor.

I know I've promised some pictures for the longest time, but now my camera has died. I have to work on it, save the pictures to a CD, and then I'll download a few here. I just have no time... Soon, I promise!

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