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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Boy, do I have my neighbors fooled! S seems to think I'm talented, in an artistic sort of way. She asked me to help her create some sort of scrappy centerpieces for A's bar mitzvah. Ultimately she decided to just fill a bunch of picture frames with photos of A and his brothers and cousins and friends. We spent an evening last week doing it and another evening last night. Had a great time. Thanks for including me, S!

Today is SL's wedding day. She and T are getting married tonight. If we weren't working so hard on the lake house, if DH was actually going to be home tonight, I would have happily RSVPd "yes" but as it is, I'm not going. We wish them well! They're both divorced, with 4 children between them, and today they join their families forever. According to S, T's ex-wife is very nice about the whole thing, praising SL to the boys, encouraging them to like SL and feel comfortable with her. That's a nice thing.

Today is also Tenant Appreciation Day at work. Free food, fortunetellers, stilt walkers, clowns, Mr. Softee. Yay! My next door cubicle mate ought to disappear around 11:30 and I'll be we don't see her until around 2/2:30. She'll be adding yet another caricature of herself to her office space. In fact, she has no room there now; I'll bet she takes down pix of her kids just to put up another of herself...

Speaking of her, I have a great story to tell about her someday when I have time - just remind me to relate the story about her and LL Cool J - they're best friends, after all...

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