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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Two Words: Men's Gymnastics

I am not a huge Olympics fan.  Sure I like to watch us win lots of medals.  And I always hope no one is seriously injured doing all these sometimes rather extreme sporty things...

But I have decided that I am most definitely a fan of Men's Gymnastics.

The pummel horse.

The high bar.

The parallel bars.

Oh, my.

That's all I have to say:  Oh.My.

That is one amazing sport.  I literally sat, frozen, watching those young men compete.  It's utterly amazing to me that anyone can have that kind of strength in their upper body, enough to not only support their own weight, but to swing their bodies around like that.


I can't even open a jar of salsa.

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Girl in Carolina said...

It amazes me too. I mean, HOW do they do that? It is truly stunning.