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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Family tomorrow!

I'm very excited!  One of my cousins is coming to visit tomorrow with her husband and her granddaughter.

K is my first cousin on my dad's side.  She lives in Gilbert, AZ, and I haven't seen her since my cousin T died in May, 2008.  Before that, she flew out for my wedding in 1999.  I saw her in 1998 for her mom's funeral here in NJ; they had moved out to Colorado in the 1970s, after my grandfather died.

I don't see that side of the family very much, but in recent years, with email and Facebook and IMing and texting, it's so much easier to stay in touch.  We used to go to Granddaddy's house every Sunday; he lived in Bloomingdale, NJ, and I loved it there.  It was a small town.  And everything you thought you knew about a small town was true in Bloomingdale.

Yes, everyone knew each other.
Yes, it was safe.
Yes, we played outside whenever we were there, unless it was winter and cold outside.
Yes, we played on swings and walked around town and caught fireflies.
Yes, we picnicked under the giant shade tree.
Yes, Granddaddy hid candy in the newspaper for us every Sunday.
(And yes, Mom knew nothing about that until Todd's funeral when we talked about it!)
Yes, spending Sundays with my Dad's family made me feel loved and special and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Yes, I have lovely memories of my childhood and I wish everyone had the same...

I'll take some photos tomorrow.  I'm leaving an hour early today, and spending tomorrow morning cleaning and straightening the house for visitors, then shopping for food.  The family is coming over for dinner late in the afternoon.  Can't wait to update you all!!

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