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Friday, April 13, 2012

Chauffer or Housekeeper?

Yea, I spent some money on lottery tickets when the MegaMillions prize was $640MILLION!  We play at work, four of us, and even when it's PowerBall and nowhere near $640MILLION, we toss around ideas about what we'd do if we won...

One woman said we can't just quit, that we have to come in and quit all together.  No, we don't, but we will, until we each get our share, THEN, ladies and germs, I'M SO OUTTA HERE!  The other three of us are ready to quit now, but can't, but since she's the one that walks to get the tickets...

I don't want to win $640MILLION.  I just want to take home about $5million, $2million, enough to share with my sisters and my mom, and my kids, with the rest there to ensure hubby and I don't have to eat catfood during our retirement.  Enough so that if our friends call and say, "Hey, last minute cruise tickets, $500 each for 7 days to Bermuda, wanna go?" we can say, "Hell, yea, count us in!" without worrying if we'll be able to pay the taxes on the house next quarter.

The other day someone asked me if I'd rather have a chauffer or a housekeeper.


I like to drive.  I wouldn't want someone to drive me around.  I wouldn't even get a new car until I needed one; I love my 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe!

But I hate housework.  I hate laundry.  I hate scrubbing the tub.  In fact, the other day, when I was working from home and when I do, I still got up before 6am to shower and dress.  I went to Starbucks and bought myself a caramel macchiato and a slice of banana walnut bread.  Then I went home and went to work.  I went to the doctor in the middle of the day (the reason I was working from home) and came home after lunch.  I made myself a sandwich, ate while I checked emails, then went upstairs to use the potty.  In the afternoon we get a lot of sun in the main bathroom, and I noticed I'd forgotten to pull the shower curtain closed.  I walked over there to close it and happened to look down.

How can a tub/shower get so darned dirty when you're using soap and water in it twice a day?!?!?  So down on my hands and knees I go, scrubbing soap scum and me scum off the tub, cursing the whole time:  "Sure, $17 in lottery tickets isn't enough to win!  The first thing I'd do is get a housekeeper!  I hate scrubbing the tub; I'd rather clean the toilet!  This sucks!"  Interspersed with words I say out loud but won't type on my blog because they're not nice words...

Oh, by the way, don't ask me to choose between a housekeeper and a chef, 'cause then I'd have to win more money so I could have both, because the closest I am to a cook is my maiden name.


Good luck if you're playing, and YAY!!! if you win!!!  (Are we related?!?  Or bestest friends?!?)

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