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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Photos I.O.U.

So I went to Book Expo America last Wednesday and took a couple of pictures, one I liked was this veritable sea of carry-on luggage, all tagged for pick up by their owners later in the day. I swear, if there were this many stored, why were my feet rolled over at least 50 times on the floor???!!! By the way, rolling carts? Not allowed on the floor. HA! She says. HA!

So then I was pushing my way through the crowd and I heard some girl say, "Jesse's Girl! He sang Jesse's Girl!" Now, if you're of a certain age, you watched Rick Springfield as Noah Drake on General Hospital, back in the original, younger days of Luke and Laura. And you wanted to BE Mrs. Springfield. You could picture yourself convincing Noah he no longer wanted to be the carefree, flirtatious bachelor he was. You could picture yourself redecorating that modern, spartan bachelor pad into a cozy lovenest for two. I turned my head, and there he was!!! The line was just too long for me; I'm too old to stand on a line for a picture of a slightly overweight me with the crush of my teen years... But I wasn't too old to lean in as close as I could to try for a photo or two!

Sorry this photo is sideways - I forgot to rotate it before I dropped it into this post. This is a piece of art I created for my art journal. It reads, "She decided to ENJOY more, and endure less." (Kobi Yamada, She)

A beautiful iris, or three, from the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens. I didn't miss them this year. These photos were the test pictures for my new point and shoot camera. I'm pretty happy with them. These were taken in the evening, without a flash, and with no sunlight on the flowers.

And a special note to Miss Hope, I'm reading Laura Bush's book right now - LOVE IT! And guess what I got for Mother's Day from my little sister! A signed Conservative Victory, by Sean Hannity. She had to pull some publishing strings to get it for me, but get it she did!!!


Mrs.B said...

Lovely journal page. And I know how much you like irises. Nice photos. Hope you are having great weather like we are.


patrysia said...

Oooh, nice flowers pics! I have one sad iris with three leaves, no buds, and some sun damage.

Miss Hope said...

Oh, where do I start???

I would have DIED seeing that man in person. During my teen years, he was trying to be a rock star...it worked for me.

Aren't we the coolest for having signed books??? I haven't started mine yet. Contemplating saving it for vacation this summer. Let me know how you like Mrs. Bush's book...I'm really looking forward to reading it.