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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Philly Next Week

So I'm attending a conference in Philly next week. It was supposed to be a one day visit, on Wednesday, down in the morning, back home at night. We (my manager and I) planned to meet at the office and leave from there, and he'd drop me either at home or J would meet us somewhere close to the Turnpike so W wouldn't have to go too far out of his way later at night...

But he suggested we take my buyer out to dinner. I already suggested not, since my customer is dropping 2/3 of our titles from their website due to a revamp. But he suggested it again. And again. So I got the feeling I should probably offer dinner to my buyer. (Not TOO dense, am I?!?)

And she took me up on our offer, and now we're taking her out to dinner, with her marketing guy and her 22-year-old daughter who's coming to conference with her.

And now we're staying over and leaving early on Thursday.

So what are the odds that I can be conferenced and dinnered by 9pm so I can be in my hotel room watching Criminal Minds by 9pm???

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