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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

She should be so embarrassed!!!

This is a blog entry that my sister posted after she clicked on the link below. Please read her blog entry, then click on the link, then read my comments below...

"June 10
Federal promise to keep the rich - well, rich!

Had to paste this link here Krys, I may have to send it out to a more global audience! While I have been all for change, I was against bailouts before the election & still am. This is a disgrace. If this interview took place at one of my corporate meetings, her pink slip would be on her desk by Monday. Imagine her resume?

"Hi, I'm responsible for overseeing the Federal Reserve. I do so by reviewing on a general basis that does not include specifics that say where the money has gone to. It is highly efficient, as I prevent all kinds of scandals from being disclosed, I make sure the wealthy have the capability to remain wealthy by whatever anonymous means necessary. I waste no money, as I take it & do not pour it into actual work. All money that comes my way ends there. My office does review non-specific uses of federal money without actually learning anything. We hesitate to "investigate" as the connotations that term implies may not be favorable to our clients. Oh, excuse me while the young intern behind me tells me what to say -- err, I what Imeant to say, my advisor is informing me of another trillion from our balance sheet that is accounted for by a number of non-specific transactions that are under review but we do not have to actually identify specifically, as this office is not obligated to do so.""

Okay - it's Krys again. Oh.My.God.

Are you kidding me?????

Now my sister voted for B.O. She had numerous reasons for doing so, some political and some, in my humble opinion, not so political. While I disagreed with her and her reasons, this is America and she had every right to vote for the candidate of her choice. (As did I.)

And I am encouraged by a couple of her sentences: "While I have been all for change, I was against bailouts before the election and still am. This is a disgrace."

Who's bailing YOU out? Who's paying off your credit card debt? Who's paying your mortgage or rent when you can't afford it? Who's giving you a pass on paying college tuition? While, I might add, you spend all your money on parties and clothes and travel! Is someone giving you a big chunk'o'cash so you don't have to worry about paying your bills? Bills that you incurred by your own actions?


You're right, that is a historic accomplishment! Not one I'm all that happy about, though!

This video is just atrocious. It made me literally feel nauseated to watch that woman sit there and avoid answering the question. She basically said she can't answer because they're investigating but they haven't found anything out about what they're investigating while they're investigating and she can't answer the question she doesn't really understand (can you repeat the question?) because the investigation is ongoing and they haven't investigated that yet.

C - you're right. I'd certainly have gotten fired for answering our previous boss like that. In fact, I'd get fired now for answering my current boss like that.

That woman should be ashamed of herself.

As should this country.

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