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Friday, June 26, 2009

Finally Scrap Creative!

So finally, I created some cards and I'm posting them here! I took a class with the very talented Lisa T (her blog is called Stamp with Lisa T). There were only two of us there with her; our 3rd classmate took sick (feel better, Jo'Anne!).

Lisa cut and scored all the paper for us, so we were able to jump right in! She's a great instructor - she had a finished set there for reference and is a big help when you get stuck! The great thing is that this project will make an awesome gift for someone! And I almost always need an awesome gift for someone, and I never have one home! [So I suppose I should take this home and not leave it on my desk at work...]

The colors are so soft and complement each other so well. And I got to practice my blender pen technique, and I used some SU Crystal Effects (which I've bought but never used! Now I'm hooked!), and I like the 3-D effect of cutting out and raising some of the flowers...

I know this isn't the best picture, but... no one ever said photography was my thang!!!


Mrs.B said...

Beautiful!! I love the purse.

Re:Books on bookmaking. Once you make your first book, you will buy many more on the subject. Bookmaking is an addiction. It doesn't matter how or where you start. Buy a book and make a book.


~Kristen~ said...

Your cards are beautiful and the purse card especially is so charming!!! Great work!!!

Miss Hope said...

I have been so self-absorbed lately and in turn, have neglected my blog reading. I have done some very enjoyable reading here this evening. I know you have a talent with the cards because my card was just lovely! (Thank you for that if I haven't said so already!).

The Man and I are sticklers for manners. I've been told I'm too hard on my kids because I don't allow them to say "yeah". Hopefully, it'll get them far in life. It sure hasn't hurt me.

I've had to quit reading for a little while. That was one of my favorite things to do while smoking. I could smoke and read an entire day away! lol When I am more comfortable with the quitting, I fully intend to immerse myself back in my books.

Oh, and before I forget. My husband was discussing that book (the one you suggested) that he's now reading. My eyes started to cross and I finally interrupted him to say, "I sure hope Miss Krys comes one day so you'll have someone to discuss all this with." (I thought you'd like that one.)

I will do my best not to let my blog reading get away from me again. I love it too much!