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Friday, March 06, 2009

Winter Photos on the Lake

This is our house, from the lake. The lake has been frozen over for a month or so now; actually it was a lot later this year than in previous years. Jack and I took a walk one day (it was SOOO darn cold!) and I took some nice photos...
Here's Jack, walking ahead of me. Or perhaps I should say I was walking behind him, like a good squaw. That's what I say when he takes off ahead of me and calls to me to catch up. He's usually on a mission, walking very quickly, while I stroll along, taking in the view... These tracks are from either a snowmobile or a quad - don't ask me which, I haven't a clue. And it's sort of irrelevant - to me it's just the coolness of driving on the lake!These are our footprints, headig out or coming back from our walk. (Our house is behind us in this picture.)
These are paw prints of something HUGE! They were literally about 7 or 8 inches across! So I know it's not a dog; could it be a bear? I'm no hunter so I haven't a clue! (Yes, again, I'm clueless!)

The new picture of us to the right of the page was taken this same day! I like it! We were having loads of fun on our walk!

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Mrs.B said...

Loved the pictures of the lake. Although it was cold this winter, I don't think the big pond ever stayed frozen long enough for the kids to skate.

How did Jack make out with his physical? How is your head pain?