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Friday, March 27, 2009

Traveling to New Orleans

I'm borrowing Mom's laptop so I can stay in touch while I'm gone. I leave tomorrow, at noon, to go to New Orleans for a conference. Don't know how much, if any, touristy crap I'll get to do, but I do know I'm eating at Nola and at Cafe Giovanni, with my company cohorts. Looking forward to that, for sure! We're doing what we can to keep our T&E down so I'm staying only two nights, not the usual 3 or 4. Which is awesome 'cause that means I can come home that much sooner!

Went to the eye doctor today. I can't see. Not that I'm blind or anything, but without contacts or glasses I can't see. So it was time for new glasses. The guy that fitted me didn't do such a hot job so I had them done again. And these aren't right, either. The doctor there today said to try them out over the weekend, that even though my subscription has changed, the frames we put the new lenses in are larger than my current pair and it may just be my eyes getting adjusted to the greater distance they have to travel in these new progressive lenses. Because yes, I've discovered after 48 years, that I am vain. To a degree. I don't want bifocals that look like bifocals. So I spend extra and get progressives so you don't know that I'm as old as I am and as blind as I am...

I imagine I'll be incommunicado until later tomorrow night, after dinner - my flight leaves NJ at noon, I get in after 2pm local time, and have to make my way to the hotel and shower and get ready for dinner and then find my own way there (we're all in different hotels). I'll probably check in when I get back from dinner and am sitting down in front of the TV to decompress.

Just for the record, too, I'm traveling to New Orleans with NJ winter clothes - the lightest and thinnest I have, granted, but we were still at 22-29 degrees in the morning earlier this week - I'm by no means ready to pull out my spring/summer wardrobe! I think I'll be okay, though - lighter pants with 2 thin tops and a cardigan for the 2 dinners, and a pair of pants and a couple of light-ish sweater tops for the convention center. Wearing yoga pants down (so I can also work out in the gym if they have one in the hotel) and bringing a pair of jeans "just in case." Keep your fingers crossed - although having to go shopping wouldn't be the worst thing that's ever happened to me...


Mrs.B said...

Travel safe and have some fun, too. Haven't been to New Orleans for years but always had a good time and met some great people.

Shazza said...

Hi Krys,
Shazza here!
Just letting you know that I have featured you and your blog in the "Blog of the month" for March at Shazzacraft.blogspot.com.
If there is anything I have said that you are not happy about please advise me and I will delete at your request.
If you get a chance to view pls leave a message or add yourself as a follower so I knoiw you have been on my site.
Best wished to you and Jack
P.S Will send you an email soon to let you know how I am going and any gossip in the scrap world.... lol