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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Journal Your Christmas

In yesterday's post, I attached descriptions of several online scrapping classes I'm taking. There's a real good reason I'm doing this, "this" being overbooking myself during the Christmas holidays with an obligation to record the weeks before and after Christmas.


Thanksgiving. My birthday. Christmas. New Year's.

It's always been my favorite time of year. So much so that had Jack been willing to add our anniversary to the mix, I'd have gotten married in December, too! (He just didn't want to have to buy me so many presents all at once!!!)

So many things happen around the holidays. And as I get older, there's even more going on and I want to make sure I remember it all. But more importantly, my mom goes away every other winter to spend the holidays with my sister who lives in Arizona. My husband likes to say I'm cranky the whole holiday season 'cause my mom's not around. That's not it. I'm missing her so much, and I miss my sister, too. I want to create a record of this Christmas (without mom here) and I want to do this again next year (with her here in NJ). And I want to see if I really am cranky when she's away - I'll have to journal and record and remember - proof positive, one way or the other, that my Christmas is made better or worse by my missing my mom.

And it's a nice record of the holiday itself: the decorations, the preparations, the people, the presents, the food - all those things I swear each year I will never forget.

Guess what. I can't remember what I gave people as gifts last year. So let me warn you now, folks, if you're on my list, there might be some repeats!!! (But next year??? Uh-uh. 'Cause I'll have a record, you see, of what I did this holiday!!!)

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Miss Hope said...

How sad for us! I made it through Thanksgiving...how did you fare? If you start feeling grouchy, drop me an email or call...we can cheer each other up. I always have a hard time being away from my Mom during this time of year. I call her entirely too much and bug her to death! LOL