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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honor. Valor. Bravery.

"Happy" Veterans' Day?

How about "Thank You, Veterans, Day"?

Personally I'm not too happy that we lost millions of brave men and women who put themselves in harms way and who sacrificed, along with their families, so that we didn't have to. (Yea, I know, I shouldn't have ended that sentence with a preposition.)

My father was a veteran. My father-in-law was a veteran. I have two cousins who are veterans.

And I'd like to personally thank them and all the rest of the veterans.

Today the President will be in NYC to officially re-open the Intrepid, which recently returned to her berth at Pier 86. They've refurbished her, added some airplanes and helicopters to her collection, and basically spiffed her up to her former glory.

I watched her come home on October 2; I'd also watched her leave for her overhaul a couple of years ago. It was a stirring sight - I was teary-eyed and proud.


Kim said...

Thank you. Same goes for Memorial Day - happy doesn't belog there either.

Miss Hope said...

Happy are we that have our military family members around to thank. Sad are we for those who have lost their lives.

Thanks, Miss Krys, for a great post.

We had a couple of boat homecomings last week and even though I wasn't there to witness it? I got goose bumps and teary eye'd just thinking about it.

That's what it's all about.