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Friday, June 27, 2014

30 Days of Lists 20

Didn't post last week...

Things I'd rather be doing right now...
  1. Reading
  2. Watching a movie
  3. Vacationing
  4. Eating
  5. Shopping
  6. Scrapping
  7. Playing Candy Crush
  8. Looking at my Instagram feed
  9. Relaxing by the lake
  10. Reading to the kids at school
  11. Taking a class:  How to spend my lottery winnings
  12. Going out to dinner
  13. Losing weight rather than gaining it - thanks, vacation...
  14. Learning to knit better, crochet better, sew better
  15. Taking a trip to my alma mater (UD) to see the campus (Go, Fightin' Blue Hens, Go!)
  16. Touring the Harry Potter Theme Park
  17. Relaxing
Hmmm, thought I'd come up with a few more but really, this sort of says it all...


  18. Not working

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